Redgirl Adventures is my passion.

IMG_6418My name is Robyn Smith, and Redgirl Adventures is my passion. This is me and my number one Redgirl Kerry . She has done 4 tours with me, and she is a changed woman. the world has opened up to her. there is nothing that she won’t try, all her fear of the unknown has vanished .  I am so proud of her .

Take a rest, spend a little time resting in the ancient mysticism that is Bali. Let her excite all your senses .
Simply being in this magical land, will soften you and awaken you to all that is beautiful.
All that you see, hear, touch, feel and eat will definitely relax you and enable you to be present, and flow with the eb that is Bali life.
You will experience balance and the superb Balinese management of the two opposing forces of good and bad, and black and white.
As a Redgirl, Bali,s gift to you is understanding, and deep respect of this remarkably intact culture.
What you take home is up to you?
It can be profound it can be simple.
Take what you need, because this is your time your journey.
We run four tours a year around March and September. We are available any time if you want to manifest something special for yourself, family of friends. This private tour is all about the guests, their passions, needs, abilities and their journeys.
You are lucky to experience Bali on this local level. The opportunities for you are priceless and unique.
As we  tend to book out early, as our numbers are kept to a minimum. No more than 6. People.
All of our accomodation is single with private bathrooms .
Payment plans are available, and occasionally discounts ..
My tours are perfect for ” women over 50″
“Solo travellers” and ” women only tours” .
Make a difference. Make a connection. And let Bali do the rest.

Robyn Smith – Redgirl Adventures

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