Gilli Air Lombok

Gilli Air Lombok

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Gilli Air is an island of the side of Lombok.. it is one of three islands. Gilli T is the party island, Gillo Meno is the quiet island and Gilli Air has the reputation of being the Family island..
Redgirls Visited there for three days, after our visit to Lombok..
The only way to get to the island is by Public small boat or the fast boat from Bali..
We elected to take the Public Boat from Bangsal Harbour, along with a boat full of Produce and people.
A quick walk up the beach, and we are at our hotel. Cool dark thatched rooms await us.. which is good because it is damn hot. After a rest and lots of drinks it is time to explore.. The island takes 1 hour to walk around..

There are no cars and motorbikes, the only transport is . pushbikes and Cidomos (horse and cart) .
All around the small coastal track are many small bars and restaurants, where tourists are enticed , with happy hour drinks, reggae music, and yummy seafood.
it is quiet cheap to eat on the island and the food is delicious with lots and lots of choices.
A lot of the restaurants have raised platforms with cushions , where you can sit and feel the ocean breeze , whilst you sip your very cold beer.
The locals are friendly and always up for a chat. its a nice environment.
Unfortunately its hot Damn hot! .. where we were staying they had a salt water pool, It was beautiful floating around all hours of the day and night..
Apart from eating and drinking, the other activities . you can do on the Gillis is circling the island on the cidomo.. We went around at sunset.. Twas beautiful to watch the sun go down over Gilli T and the pink hues in the clouds.

Our driver told us about Komodo dragons who live in a swamp in the middle of the island. we stopped and had a look, and saw maybe 3 teenage lizards stomping around .. They looked scary and fierce, unfortunately they weren’t in a cage.
The cidomo was great albeit a little cramped with the three of us squashed in.
The other thing to do on the Gillis is to snorkel and dive. We went our for the day on a boat, with several other people from all over the world. We had 5 opportunities to snorkel ofF all 3 of the islands.. we saw amazing fish and turtles as well as huge incredible coral . the sea was warm and smooth , IT was lovely .
Relaxing and fun times were had on Gilli Air .IMG_4561

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