Pottery and roof tiling in Bali…

Pottery and roof tiling in Bali…

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Decided to explore the pottery scene in lombok, as my friend Sascha visited a village in Bali back in the 70s that made amazing pottery.. Pejaten was the villages name and its over in the Tabanan Regency.
Twas an interesting day, driving through the country to Pejaten, i am sure it has changed a lot since Sascha first visited..

The roof tiles are made manually in hot sweaty primitive conditions ..
the terracotta colour clay was made into a blob and placed on the machine. Then the handle was wound down and the tile shape was extruded. . The handle was wound up and the tile popped out, the edges were cleaned off, and placed on a little tray, and then placed on a rack to dry..
The man we chatted to had been doing this same monotonous job for 14 years.. he makes 2000 a day ! and gets paid $20 a day.. It was hot and sweaty, but he took pride in what he did..
After the tiles dry a little, on the racks they are placed in the sun, to air dry , then collected up and stacked into big kilns.. each tile is handled like `10 times before its even sold.. Was really interesting .. Watching whole families who’s job was to stack the tiles from one place to another, regardless of their age or size, little kids and grandparents, were all lining up for their turn.
After this we travelled a little sown the ride to a ceramic studio
Here we watched families make white pottery out of moulds that they press the clay into.
Then taken out and decorated and glazed and put into a kiln.. it was all quite western in the technique.
with huge gas fired kilns, with large gas bottles hanging off them .. All the pottery was mainly glazed in a lovely jade green colour.. IMG_1241
After we watched the process we went to the gallery shop.. We all went a little crazy because they were so cheap.. IMG_1246

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