RGA Travel Philosophy

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Redgirl herself is a bit of an entrepreneur. After visiting Indonesia for a ridiculous amount of times, she has networked like crazy,and bought together an amazing team of support staff. Drivers, guides. masseuses, and great supportive friends.Redgirls share the love. Robyn networks, and organises and fluffs and lets her great supports do the rest.Locals know their world much better than us, they live in it. they know the quiet shortcuts, the great spots, the cheap authentic food,the best accomodations and the best activities.There is a quite a few families that we share the love with. Leko and Kadek and Kadek And Muji, and their families wholeheartedly share their world with us . That is our connection and that is our uniqueness, Nestled in the back in the villages of Bali and Lombok, faraway from most peoples common perceptions of Bali and Lombok. Redgirls are fortunate to sink down the layers and experience these two incredible islands like no other .

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