Who is Redgirl?

“I am in awe of the Balinese culture and the people . I always take time out to pray , meditate and make offerings to the Gods. It is all so good. I find it hard to put into words. It’s just a feeling of right…. I love eating at Warungs (where the locals eat) and from vendors off the street. Going to the Sukawati market at night and eating deep fried tempeh OMG!!.. Watching and chatting to locals.. Going to the Temple at midnight on the full moon and praying to Hyang Wang Widi, and other Hindu gods: Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu and Ganesh my favorite.Getting blessed with holy water and incense.. Getting dressed in traditional sarong and kabaya. Going to the Temple odolan (birthday celebrations). I love watching the Gamelon players get so absorbed in their music that it takes them to another, almost trance like place. I love drinking sweet black Bali coffee, and watching and listening to the pigeons and the insects, and listening to the KulKul in the distance, and watching the fireflies dance over the rice paddies. The amazing rice paddies where the green hurts your eyes.. Bali demands my presence and my life is sooo far away. She lulls me off to a place, a place of feeling and reflection.. I always look forward to stepping into the Indonesian realm, feeling as I do, she is alive and she nurtures me. “

Excerpt from a letter to a friend about Robyn’s Bali experience.

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Red girl adventure tours for women organiser at Jimbaran Bay

Robyn Smith is just like you. She’s a mum, a wife, a woman, and a dreamer. She dreams of setting off on an adventure to explore and feel and to nurture herself, so she can continue to nurture others around her. And just like you, she wants her dreams to come true.

But what started out as a simple “Me Time” trip to Bali, turned out to be an unexpected calling. Something about Bali’s food, sights, people, and culture, made Robyn realize that her Bali experience needs to be shared with women like her too – middle aged and over 50 and ready to see the world.

So, she started Redgirl Adventures, a travel  company that specializes in Bali retreats for women . Using her personal travel experiences, Robyn creates a personalized Bali experience for her guests. In small and intimate groups – that’s more reminiscent of a trip with friends, rather than a tour group – she shows them the side of Bali that has touched her spirit, hoping that it will ignite something in them too.

Currently, Robyn is bringing a taste of Balinese culture to her hometown, as she’s opens her own online batik store in Australia called Brutal Indonesian Batik. She has also recently bought an Asian supermarket in her home town , which she manages. This is keeping her  crazy, busy as well as  catching up with extended family and friends and a gorgeous granddaughter . But don’t be concerned Indonesia remains steadfast in her heart , and  Redgirl adventures remains her passion and her number one priority.

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