“So your thinking about a trip to Bali? There was once a time when you would hear me say “I’ll never travel to Bali. It doesn’t interest me.” But, that was until my friend who is well travelled to Bali and Indonesia said you have to come to Bali, you would love it.

As I was on a journey of self-discovery, I decided to travel to Bali. Robyn planned a personalized getaway holiday for me and shared with me “her Bali” away from the resorts, the nightclubs, beaches and the crowds that are synonymous with Kuta. I am taken though an awakening experience that has changed my world view from then on. I experienced an up-close and personal encounter with the Balinese people and their culture, one that has lead me back there for what will be for the third time as I travel with Redgirl Adventures this year.

If you are asking yourself “I just need a little something different” then this is an adventure that will forge life long memories, and form a relationship with Bali that you can take home  and share with others. All that is required from you is to say ‘Yes, that’s what I want for me’ and do it, book a Redgirl Adventure today.” – Louise Illichman  November, 2012


RedGirl-portrait“Thank you Robyn for taking me on such a wonderful and exciting adventure around Bali. I feel very blessed to have experienced a side of Bali that a lot of people don’t get to see. Your knowledge of the Island and the customs helped me put it all together really quickly so I felt like I understood the place which made me feel right at home. Thanks again Robyn I will definitely be back!”
Cathy Vines, November 2011


SONY DSC“I would love to thank Robyn for this great tour.If you are looking for a tour with locals and not tourists this is a great starting point.Robyn has all the local knowledge and contacts that make it very special,and most of all is a very loving, spiritual,helpful and personal to all on tour.
It was great having locals as tour guides and drivers when necessary which made us feel like we were part of the family. This trip is great for any person who travels alone or with friends. Lots of happy memories I take home,Good on you Robyn.” Lots of love, Gail Twyford


SONY DSC“In March this year, I brazenly invited myself along on my friend Kerry’s holiday to Bali. I hadn’t met Robyn or any of the other Redgirls, so it was a very exciting experience for me to be going on an overseas holiday, with strangers away from my comfort zone, work and family.
I’m so glad my friend Kerry agreed to let me join her, and her sister in law on their trip. I shared a house with them both for a week.

All I can say is, if you have reservations about going alone don’t! Robyn makes you feel welcome and relaxed right from the start, and she gave us an amazing behind the scenes experience of Bali. We would not have been able to have this, on a normal holiday. I say this without a doubt. She managed to impress and wow us, and include everyone’s wishes on a daily basis. I still don’t know how we managed to fit it all in yet stay calm, relaxed and balanced.

It’s a must for anyone who enjoys shopping, massage, music, spiritual experiences, photographic moments and adventure just to name a few. The food is amazing and the people incredible. I consider myself to be a very amateur photographer but it is my obsession, I saw things that amazed me opened my eyes and at times become so over whelming it brought me to tears.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Robyn, Leko and Made and family for making this an unforgettable and memorable experience for me and I will definitely be visiting Bali once again with Redgirl Adventures where the green hurts your eyes. Go on do it! I promise you won’t regret it.” – Lisa Poulter Victoria Australia


SONY DSC“Without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever done for myself was listen to my great good friend Robyn when she asked me to go on a Redgirl Adventure. I was pretty nervous about the whole “foreign language” thing but decided it just sounded too good to miss out on. Then my mate Lisa agreed to come too and Woo-Hoo!, it was all systems go from there.

Anyway the whole trip was more than I had dreamt possible. Laughed till I cried, ate till I couldn’t move, shopped till I dropped, saw sights that took my breath away, had massages and body scrubs and culture and music on the beach.

Cannot wait to go again. Beautiful people, beautiful place with beautiful friends. Redgirl Adventure rocks!!!” – Kerry Dobbin.


To All the potential Red Girls out there wondering what to do with their holidays in 2015 and beyond, I urge you to give yourself the biggest gift imaginable and book a tour with Robyn…..And the Red Girls. 
I have known Robbie for in excess of 30 years and my trip with her and the Redgirl tour company was 30 yrs in the making for me…. She listened to what my wish list consisted of and observed my needs independently of me…. She tuned in to my struggles in recent years and provided me with the most incredible experience, that to this day i continue to struggle to put into words and share with those closest to me …. But here I go.
I think the reason it has taken me so long is that I want to keep my experiences and changing life moments to myself and selfishly not share…. But share i must and will. 
From the moment i arrived she and Leko treated me like a queen… They guided me to the most sacred of places and included me in events that no other tour company could possibly create….Between Leko’s personal knowledge of the incredible country and Robyn’s intuitive connections, i ventured to sacred watering holes with the most pure of water running from the mountain. I was taken to the most picturesque Temples to prey, contemplate and mostly heal my spirit…. In conjunction with my temple visits i was allowed the privilege of visiting sharmas, who tapped into my needs and gave me the skills to find my happiness and be the best possible me i could be….. 
The local restaurants are to die for, traditional Balanese food and the wonderful cultural experience that goes along with every meal….. 
My accommodation was pure heaven and the private villa made me feel like Royalty, the staff cooked breakfast each morning to ensure I was in the best possible mindset to explore the Stunning Country side that is Bali….. 
My christmas shopping was completed in August and Birthday gifts covered for the year….. 
The personal tour of The Mastercraftsman and traditional carvings of Leko and his family was awe-inspiring and I treasure the statue that will be handed down as a new family heirloom …. The skills of these men and the family, women included makes on take stock on the skill required and the patience and persistence. 
My future plan includes taking my family to give them a gift of a lifetime…. 
Please plan this trip and save to make it happen…. 
It is the single best gift I’ve ever given myself and I am such a happier person for having done a Redgirl Tour to Bali…..
To My Robbie you are the most wonderful woman in my life and I thank you for sharing your hidden treasure with me and the rest of the potential Redgirls….. 
Jacka Sue
Dianne Maloney  September 2014

.My Bali experience was amazing. I just loved it! When I travel I want to meet the people and see how they live, not sanitized travel tours.
The culture, the people, food and customs are all so interesting in Bali. When you step off the usual tourist haunts, you meet the locals.
You gain some insight about how they really deal with life, their families and their commitment to their culture and religion. A wonderful experience!. I will definitely go back, especially with Redgirl. Why Redgirl? Well it can be daunting taking a different and closer look at other cultures away from the usual tours. Robyn was so supportive, understanding and beside me whenever I felt overwhelmed or confused. Her advice about how to respond and how to conduct yourself is first rate.

An enjoyable experience that I will remember and talk about for years to come. Next time I will take my family over to Bali to meet Robyn and enjoy the experience.