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Tour A: Culture Nurture

Discover Balinese Culture with Red Girl Adventures

Date: Sept 18-25, 2016
 (Minimum of 3 people)
Includes a free gift of Bali necessities , accommodation, transport, food, and one (1) spa treatment. Also a dinner at Jimbaran Bay, a beach massage, participation in cultural performances and classes.

The Culture Nurture package brings together elements that are essential for any traveler, every time they go to a destination- an enrichment of both mind and body. This tour is much about soaking in the sun on the beautiful beaches of Bali as much as soaking in its rich culture. The group will stay in boutique villas in a traditional village located in the outskirts of Ubud. Here they can relax their mind, surrounded with Bali’s natural beauty such as beaches, rice paddies, and mountains. And they can do the same with their body through a traditional Balinese massage and spa treatments.

Day 1

The tour begins with an introduction of Bali.It will cover a brief explanation of Balinese culture, local customs, safety tips, and shopping tips (money, bartering, discounts, etc.). Later in the afternoon, the group will go to exchange money, get SIM cards, and traditional Balinese costume for Day 2.

Day 2

The morning begins with a special group activity meant to foster group interaction. After which, the group will head to a local day spa to get a taste of the nurture aspect of the tour. Then at night, everyone will catch a cultural performance followed by dinner at a traditional Balinese warung.

Day 3

The group travels to the regency of Klung Klung to visit the old law courts of Kerta Gosa to officially start soaking in the culture of Bali. This will be followed by a delicious lunch with a local warung before traveling to Ubud. Upon reaching Ubud, the group will visit a traditional weaving factory in Gianyer, followed by a trip to a wood carving gallery in Mas.

Day 4

To continue the cultural immersion, the group will head to a local museum to learn a form of traditional Balinese art, crafts or performance. This is followed by lunch at an awesome warung in Penestanan, before visiting the Antonio Blancos Museum.

Day 5

It’s time to do some shopping and put those bargaining skills to the test. The group will go to a traditional Sukawati market to experience how locals shop. On the way back to Ubud, the group will drop by a silversmith village in Celuk where they make fabulous gold and silver jewelry. A coffee plantation trip that’s sure to satisfy anyone’s caffeine fix is also in the agenda. The day will then be capped with a visit to the spa.

Day 6

Today you are going to visit my friends house . Where will you dress up like a balinese dancer and have dance lessons. Special time had with a local instructor who teaches this simple dance to Primary age girls. You will wrapped in  golden fabrics, flowers and gold braid placed in your hair, we will make a video of you doing your dance. Then we will visit the local temple, where you will be involved in a photoshoot, where you can make some precious keepsakes. After that we will return to Mades house where we will eat an amazing lunch. resting for the rest of the day , or free time to pursue your own interests.   At night a seafood dinner at Jimbaran to catch the sunset is the best, if not the only, way to end the day.

Day 7

Early in the day, the group will get a chance to see a local performance of the Barong and Kris dance, a legend in Balinese culture. After this, guests have their free time which they can spend shopping, exploring on their own, or just getting some rest. In the evening, the group will visit one of Bali’s holiest temples to offer prayers and offerings to the gods to give thanks for a safe and wonderful journey.

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Tour B: Full Circle

Lovina Beach | Full Circle - Natural, Rejuvenating Bali Experience

Date; March 14-21, 2016  
(Minimum of 3 persons)
*Includes free gift of Bali necessities, accommodation, transport, entry fees, all lunches and one (1) dinner. Also snorkeling, dolphin tour, and cultural performances.

Nature has a strange way of healing and rejuvenating us without us even noticing. The Full Circle package of Redgirl Adventures allows guests to discover, interact, and be one with nature.

Day 1

The tour begins with an introduction of Bali.It will cover a brief explanation of Balinese culture, local customs, safety tips, and shopping tips (money, bartering, discounts, etc.). Later in the afternoon, the group will go to exchange money, get SIM cards, and traditional Balinese costume for Day 2.

Day 2

The Bali experience begins with a trip to Candi Dasa via Padang Bai, before hitting the white sand beaches of Prassi. At night, guests can get a traditional Balinese massage by the beach.

Day 3

The group will travel to Tulamben to explore the waters of Bali. Participants will snorkel 30 meters off the beach, over to the Liberty shipwreck. Here you can see all different types of corals, fish, and sea creatures. After snorkeling, the group will make a visit to Tirtagangga Water palace en route to Lovina.

Day 4

The day begins bright and early as the group heads out to the coast of Lovina for an exciting dolphin watching expedition. After a hearty breakfast, the group will visit the sulfuric ponds at Banjar, before heading back to Lovina through the Buddhist temples. The day ends at the beach to watch the sunset.

Day 5

The group will travel to Pemuteran to hit the beach once again. Guests can choose to spend their free time to snorkel, get a tan, or just stretch out by the beach and read a book.

Day 6

The beaches of Bali are among the most beautiful in the world and Redgirl Adventures can’t get enough of it. The group will go to Menjangan island to snorkel and see a magnificent statue of Ganesha, widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings and Lord of Obstacles, patron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom. This will be followed by brunch before going to Balian.

Day 7

Balian is a well-known surf spot in Bali, here guests can enjoy the roaring sea or just lounge by the beach and enjoy the beautiful view. Another option is to hang out at a local warung, grab a beer and talk to the locals. The group will head back to Ubud via Jatiluwih, a world famous destination in Bali. The picturesque Jatiluwih is aptly named as Jati means “really” and luwih means “beautiful, good, special.” Another stop is Pura Batu Karu which is the island’s most sacred temple in the east. Set high in a jungle canopy, the group can  explore, pray and make offerings while surrounded by nature.

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Tour C: Senses

Kecak Performance

Date: Sept 28-Oct 5, 2016
(Minimum of 3 persons)
*Included is a free gift of Bali necessities, all accommodations,transport, all lunches, two (2) spa treatments, herb walk, Jamu making, and cooking class.

True to its name, the Redgirl Adventures Senses tour will get you to experience traditional Balinese music, food, culture, and sights that’s sure to send all your senses to overdrive.

Day 1

The tour begins with an introduction of Bali.It will cover a brief explanation of Balinese culture, local customs, safety tips, and shopping tips (money, bartering, discounts, etc.). Later in the afternoon, the group will go to exchange money, get SIM cards, and organise traditional Balinese costume for Day 2.

Day 2

To kick-off the day, the group will participate in the famous Ubud Herb Walk, a 3-hour leisurely walk through the fields of culinary and healing herbs. After a leisurely easy  walk, the group will have lunch at a local warung. And to cap the day, a surprise Redgirl Adventures activity awaits all the guests.

Day 3

Jamu is an Indonesian form of holistic therapy which uses herbs, teas, tonics, and powders among others to prevent or cure any ailment. We will participate in a jamu making class to create their own Balinese healing tonics. After the class, we will have lunch at a local warung. And to continue with the theme of healing, the group will proceed to Cantika day spa to get a massage or body scrub.

Day 4

It’s going to be hot, hot, hot. Today the group will head out to Kintamini and check out dormant volcanoes. Along the way, guests will visit a coffee plantation and spice garden – two things Indonesia is best known for.

Day 5

Bali is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the stomach. Today we  will attend a cooking class to learn to cook Balinese food. Aside from cooking, the class begins with a trip to a local market to source out ingredients. This is also a chance to practice your bargaining skills. After the class, we will get a chance to relax at the spa. In the evening, everyone will attend a Kecak performance in Batubulan.

Day 6

A musical day is ahead for all Redgirl Adventures guests. The morning begins with a trip to a village of gong smiths where gongs used for the gamelan (traditional Indonesian instrument) are made. Next, we will visit a rindik (bamboo xylophone) maker to see how this musical instrument is made and played. In the afternoon, guests are free to explore on their own or  relax. In the evening, we will head to a famous Ubud restaurant to grab dinner* and enjoy an amazing view of Bali.

Day 7

The Bali experience will not be complete without a visit to the temples. First of all we will head to the  regency of Bangli in the mountains. Here we will visit Balis Youngest High priestess who will perform a water purification ceremony for us. Very special and sacred. Luckily for us she gives instruction in English. it is all about using water to release emotion, stress, and tension. Very special experience.  Afterwards, everyone moves to Pura Kehen temple to pray and marvel at the 600-year old Banyan tree. We   have the afternoon free to roam around and see the sights, get some shopping done, or just hang out. At night, we will be treated to the familiar sound of a rindik in a Jegog performance near Ubud.

Day 8

The Redgirl Adventures Senses journey ends with a unique experience of Bali, new friends, and great memories.

*Not included in package cost.

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Tour D: Redgirls Do Jogjakarta

Gamelan Jogjakarta

Date:  Dates upon request  
 (Minimum of 3 people) *Includes all admission and guide fees for activities. Transport, accommodation, and most meals are also included in the package.

Experience an eclectic mix of art, culture, tradition, and history as Redgirl Adventures takes you on ride in Jogjakarta. As the center of Javanese art and culture, Jogja’s energy is as inspired as its art, as delicious as its food, and as amazing as its people.

Day 1

The Jogja adventure begins with an easy early morning check-in at a traditional Javanese-inspired boutique hotel. Just as with every Redgirl Adventures tour, there will be an introduction that will cover a brief explanation of Javanese culture, local customs, safety tips, and shopping tips (money, bartering, discounts, etc.). In the evening, a becak will pick us up for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants to sample Jogja’s cuisine.

Day 2

One thing you’ll soon find out about Jogja is that it’s always one or the other. No middle grounds. In the morning, we’ll journey to Borobudur, a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most outstanding Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. Here we can marvel at the over 3,000 meticulously crafted panels illustrating Buddhist myths and cosmology. We’ll walk through its circuitous three kilometer route said to represent one’s spiritual journey to enlightenment or Nirvana.

And in the evening, we’re going to walk on the wild side of Jogjakarta with a visit to the famous Javanese drag show. We’ll get to see young and gorgeous Javanese men dressed in knee-high boots, outrageous dresses, and over-the-top accessories that’s sure to give Lady Gaga a run for her money. A show like this in a Muslim country is a bold move in support of the LGBT community in Yogyakarta and the issues surrounding the group.

Day 3

We’re going to reconnect with nature with a jamu course in the morning. Jamu is an Indonesian tradition of making herbal medicines and tonics. Each family has their own secret recipes for game ointments and oils passed down from generation to generation. We’ll go on a trip to a market that specializes in jamu to get our own ingredients to make our own herbal concoction. Guided by jamu experts, we’re going to make massage oils and facial masks. This will be followed by a relaxing Javanese massage, famous for curing people of tiredness and a variety of other minor ailments. If you so choose, you can use your newly made jamu mixture while getting a massage.

After indulging in relaxation, we’re going to indulge our appetites with a cooking course in the evening. We’ll learn about tropical vegetables and fruits and how to cook them with special spices and herbs to create a mouthwatering genuine Indonesian meal.

Day 4

Aside from Borobudur, Prambanan is also declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. The 9th century Hindu temple compound is not only the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, but also in the Southeast Asian region. Its temples are dedicated to the gods Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Preserver), and Shiva (Destroyer). Here we’ll learn about the history of Hinduism in Java, see stunning Hindu architecture, and sculpture. In the evening, we’ll go behind-the-scenes of a traditional Javanese nomadic theater. We get the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the complexities and sacredness that goes into the preparation for each performance.

Day 5

In the morning, we’ll catch a becak and make our way to the Kraton or the Sultan’s Palace. Here we’ll get to see pavilions (bangsal), audience halls, and royal residences. This will be followed by lunch at the famous Gaja Wong Restaurant. Better fill up on delicious Jogja treats as we’re going to head out to Malioboro for a mind blowing shopping spree at Mirota Batik. And to cap the day, we’re going to swap stories and shopping finds over a sumptuous dinner at the hotel.

Day 6

After a hectic day shopping, we’re going to slow things down with a Batik painting lesson. Batik is a traditional dyeing technique using wax to create patterns in a piece of cloth. It’s a slow process that requires patience and focus. But, well worth the effort once you get your very own Batik art that you can frame and hang in your home or give as a personalized gift to your loved ones.

Day 7

For our final day, you can choose your own adventure in Jogjakarta. You can choose to spend the day at Parangtritis beach on the southern coast of Java to watch the sunset and drink a couple of cold ones. Or you can also take a silver accessories making course to add to your Indonesian crafts. Of course, you can also simply relax and go to the spa or get a massage. The choice is yours.

Day 8

We say goodbye to Jogjakarta with an early morning flight back to Bali.

*Excluding three (3 )meals and flight fares.

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TOUR E: Redgirls visit LOMBOK


Date: March 27 – April 3, 2016

Includes all admission and guide fees for activities. Transport, accommodation, and most meals are also included in the package.Except for meals on Gilli Air.

First day

You will get picked up from the Lombok International Airport by

private car, and go directly to Sembalun, Lembah Rinjani Hotel.

The trip takes 2.5 – 3 hrs normally.

 Depending on your arrival time, we can arrange lunch.

OR Dinner at Lembah Rinjani Hotel .

Second day

Sembalun village tour by car

 Programs :

– Pusuk “ Top of the hill “ – a look out point where you can see the

view of Sembalun

– Strawberry farm – pick your own strawberries, sample a few and

opportunity to buy the strawberries you picked.

– Farm – take a short walk through local farm land, see traditional

methods of planting, harvesting, and maybe the opportunity to try it yourself.

– Visit local elementary school.

– Traditional House “Desa Bleq” the first houses in Sembalun, hear the

history of this village.

– Lunch “ Nasi Bungkus “ will be delivered to Desa Bleq, where we can eat lunch.

– Selong Hill, just behind the traditional house, walk up a short way

and see a spectacular view of the Sembalun farmland and surrounding


– Traditional hand weaving – opportunity to try to use tradional

handweaving tools with the help of local women weavers and see the

complex process of the ancient art of weaving.

– Dinner in farm Restaurant ( Local food or Western food available )

– Return to hotel by car.

Third day

2 days – 1 night Gili Kondo camp tour

 From sembalun village will go to the harbour in East Lombok, it takes

about 2 hrs drive.

From there you will go to Gili Kondo by boat, it takes about 20

minutes. Each guest will bring a coconut palm sapling to plant on

Gili Kondo as part of a reforestation program.

Programs :

– Gili kondo – we will set up camp here and eat lunch (cook at the

island –seasonal menu plus mie goreng/ nasi goreng, beverage)

– Gili Kapal –small coral island

– Gili Lampu – boat tour through mangroves and snorkeling from the

boat over a coral reef

– Gili Bidara – white sand beach and snorkeling or fishing.

– Back to Gili Kondo to eat dinner and make a camp fire.

Fourth day

On the fourth day, we will leave Gili Kondo after breakfast and head

towards Tetebatu for a local tour, and to check in at Soedjono Hotel

where you will spend the night.

– Check in at Hotel

– Lunch in Tetebatu “Organic Mushroom Warung

Tete Batu Tour with local expert

– Farm tour, walk through the lush green farmland and rice fields.

– Bat cave tour – walk through shallow cool water into a cave with many bats.

– Waterfall – walk through cool water to a secluded waterfall, swim

if desired.

– Enjoy the local snacks and drink -Cerorot, banana, local fried

food, young coconut, sweet palm wine (non alcoholic) in a hut amongst

the fields.

– Local garden to see spices , coffee farm, cacao, and other locally

grown foods

– Return to Hotel

– Traditionl show “ Gendant Bleq Traditional Music, Local dance, Stick

 ( Optional )

– Back to hotel

Fifth day

You will be picked up from the hotel by car and begin to drive through

central Lombok heading North/West towards the harbour in North Lombok.

On the way you will take a tour around West Lombok villages.

Program :

– Pottery – see traditional Lombok pottery art, and learn how it is made.

– Traditional market – Observe the daily activities of the local

marketplace, buy some peanuts to feed the monkeys at your next stop

– Monkey forest – many monkeys will meet with you here, wild but friendly.

– Lunch – street food on the way.

– Arrive at Harbour Tlok Nara for a fast boat trip to Gili Air.

-Check at hotel at Gilli Air and Dinner.

Sixth Day.

-Snorkle, relax, sleep, drink, eat, go for a walk or a Cidomo ride around the island (horse and cart, the only mode

of transport on Gilli Air)

-if you are interested we will Charter a boat for a snorkelling or to check out the other islands.

-Dinner at a fabulous restaurant overlooking the beac, there are many to choose from.

Day Seven

-Up early to catch a fast boat back to Bali , we will get a Bus Back to Ubud and arrive at out hotel about 3pm.

-Were you will want to relax and have a great shower, and delicious local food, and sleep like a goddess.

-the tour ends tonight



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TOUR F: Redgirls Get Real in  Bali IMG_4341

Dates upon request
Includes all accommodation,  Transport, activities, lunches and a complimentary massage. Includes a free gift of Redgirl necessities and  a traditional white Kebaya. Minimum 3 people.

This tour gets down to the real Bali very quickly, travelling to the north of Bali, a poorer area. our world is expanded as we became involved with an organisation providing aid to people in need. Then we travel to the Tabanan Regency where we stay in a village and immerse ourselves in the simple daily life of this village. Lastly travelling to a small island off Bali for a cultural performance that will leave us speechless. Winding down in the green, cool foothills around ubud will give us a chance to process this wild ride. balanced with some nurturing and relaxation… book your seat now!!!!!

Day One
Am – meet your fellow travellers, We head to Singaraja North Bali, lunch on the Way.
Pm – visit
We will meet the people who run this amazing organisation, and make a plan for an activity that we can run tomorrow for their students. Maybe a craft, musical, sporting, educational, recreational activity. If you have some ideas let me know and we can pre plan this. Then we Head to our favourite hotel in Lovina, Rambutan Cottages For a well earned Beer, and rest.

Day Two
After a leisurely swim and breakfast, We will purchase any needed supplies and head to Pedulli to run our activities. hopefully a wonderful day of sharing and connection. Then we head back to Rambutan cottages where we will eat delicious food, have many laughs, and maybe fit in a massage. I remember the massages at this hotel are incredible.

Day Three
Am after a leisurely breakfast and swim. (Redgirls always start later).
We head to a village in Tabanan Regency.. We will be meet by our guide Balik. We will be staying at his small home-stay within his family compound. From here, he will guide us through the daily activities of Balinese women. Believe me, they live a very different life from Western women, and in the village, not many activities have changed over the years. All our food will also be prepared on site.

Day Four
Our exploration of Balinese village life continues today, with a visit to the local primary school. We will also have a walk around the village learning about the layout of the village, rice and pig, farming methods. this is an excellent opportunity to ask questions, and many photo opportunities of country Bali .

Day Five
After a leisurely breakfast, we will bid farewell to our amazing hosts, and head to Sanur. Stopping at the famous, Beautiful temple, Batu Karu on the way. Hidden in the jungle this temple presents a good time to take a moment and reflect, and be thankful. Continuing on our way we will pass Jatiluweh, World Famous Heritage rice Fields, planted in the traditional way, They look amazing. Eating a delicious lunch on the way, We will get to Sanur in the late afternoon. Going out for a dinner we will need to retire early as tomorrow is going to be a mind blowing day.

Day Six
We must get up early and dress in our traditional white kebaya and Sarong (supplied). We will catch a boat, along with our gorgeous guide and adviser Dewi, to Nusa Penida. Nusa penida is a small island of Bali. Its very traditional and has a small population of Seaweed farmers.. It is famous for its hindu temples Dalem Ped, and Goa Giri Putri. All The shamans of Bali, (balians ) Go to these temples for their odolan (birthday Celebrations), once a year. Many Balians go into trance, in this holy environment. The colorful ceremony, and music will be mindblowing. This is a once in a life time chance, and I am very excited to be able to experience it. We will be there for the day under the guidance and support of our guide Dewi. She is well experienced at attending these sort of ceremonies, We will also visit the two temples. Later in the afternoon we will catch a boat back to Sanur Where we will rest and debrief into the night.

Day Seven
Am After a very big few days it is time to head to Ubud, to stay in the lovely T houses in Lodtundah From here we will Relax, swim, socialise, eat, shop and have a complimentary massage. it is all up to you everything or nothing.

Day Eight
Unfortunately our tour finishes later tonight , after a leuisurely day of whatever you want..relaxing, recharging, replenishing, or just looking at the clouds and watching the sun set over the rice paddies.

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